Neither the stunning landscape, nor the historical events, nor the artistic monuments, nor the poets words made Valpolicella known as much as its typical product: wine.

Such are the words used by the writer, historian and journalist Giuseppe Silvestri to introduce the topic of wine in his essay La Valpolicella, considered the bible on economic, cultural and social history of the valley. And the famous local red wine represents undeniably one of the most important chapters of this thousand years long history.

Since the times of Retico and Acinatico, precious ancestors of Recioto and Amarone, Valpolicella wines have always been generous protagonists at the table, as generous as the land where they come from. A land with a mild and temperate climate, with soft green hills, geometrically designed by the rows of vines, made even more fertile by the rich alluvial soil.

The valley of Marano lies right in the heart of this paradise, enclosed to the north by the Lessini mountains and spreading to the south towards the vast Po Valley. A natural amphitheater exposed to the sun from dusk till dawn, where delicate, colourful and aromatic wines such as Valpolicella, Recioto and Amarone come into the world.